Tuesday, 16 July 2013


'Sup ma girls (and bros), I have returned after a lot of sleep and detoxing from my insane weekend at 2000 Trees festival 2013. Oh my G was it cray, I must admit mama did go a little overboard with her alcohol consumption, however that's ok because she (meaning I) was not sick at all throughout the entire weekend. Besides seeing some absolutely incredible bands (that include Stealing Sheep, The Physics House Band, The Cadbury Sisters, Bear Cavalry, Kitten and Bear e.t.c.) I got to be with my chums all weekend in the heat of the sun. I have so many photos to share with you from my times there, let's delve into the chaos that was my life for three days:

Us all bein' rate cool on Saturday whilst waiting for Stornaway to come on (who were also incredible)

Taking the mick out of dem females who take themselves all to seriously 

Lovin' dem tunes 

Tom doing his grumpy 'meme' face

Josh with the facial hair he spent all weekend growing...

Stealing Sheep (the best of the best there)

He wasn't happy when someone shaved it off...

Then I met a fellow Sheep when they did a parade outside the tent, exciting fan girl moment for me.

Ma boys chillin'

Silent discoin' it

Decided to wash their hair right in the middle of our community ring...

Dem Boyz

Chillin' at camp Gur-hoiyal (girl)

Painted David Bowie's famous third eye on my forehead and some moons and stars on Ellie's face

Only bit of shade which we could find

The broken chair we all still sat in...

Dem Girlz

Nappin' before our quest for music began that day

Yeah, it was nice to be with everyone and looking back on it, it really was a fun weekend. I can't wait for Trees 2014.

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