Monday, 8 July 2013

It's That Simple

Hi there. Now that the Summer, and the holidays, are finally here I am fully taking advantage of the gorgeous, bright, sun-fueled days by spending a lot of my time outdoors. There's something so simply satisfying about the Summer, maybe it's the just the sun and the wonderful feeling it gives you when you're basking in it's light or maybe it's just the fact that all the wonderful fruits and vegetables are in season and you find yourself gorging on piles of kaleidoscopic salads almost everyday. I have definitely been practicing the latter, I just love fruit in this season and have become ever so slightly obsessed with smoothies recently (well, ever since I found out how our blender worked...).

Now, you all know I just love detail and layering when it comes to my clothes, heck I show you all enough! However in the summer I relish in the fact that it's too hot to layer up and I end up dressing a lot more simply. Don't worry a few cheeky patterns get thrown in the mixture as well, but I mainly stick to white shirts/blouses and cotton shorts/dungarees. I've recently accumulated a few items which I think are just some of the most perfect things for summer and which I will be turning to when the weather get's a little fierce. One being a wonderfully breezy white shirt from Hobbs and another being a FCUK silk blouse in a fantastic shade of 60s-mustard-yellow, not only is the fabric super light, but the warm hue is just so complimentory that I think anyone of any skin tone could wear it.

I think I'll clear up my room a little, pick up some food and so forth in town then spend the rest of my day in my garden drinking iced water and doing my Textiles summer work. Oh so heavenly! I hope you all enjoy this sporadic turn of the weather and keep yourselves safe from sun burn...

...And in the words of The Kinks,thank you for the days:

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