Monday, 26 November 2012

Extreme LDN

Last Friday I had an all day trip with Textiles down to London whic was fab! We first went to the V&A where we looked at all the ballgowns and fashion through the ages. I loved the ballgowns, I sincerely did. Most of them were all so beautiful and I swear i could've stolen some. Unfortunately you weren't allowed to take photos, however I bought some postcards with a selection of gowns on them, so I'm pretty pleased that I have them (even though they did cost £7.50, seriously V&A why?).

I also got some beautiful ceramic buttons from the shop in the V&A for £1.50 each, which again is tres expensive, however I just thought they were such a unique bunch. I chose five which I am planning on sewing onto something when I have a bigger collection of buttons, so watch out for that when I come around to it, if I ever do!

After the V&A and lunch we took the tube over to Baker Street (I swear some people on the tube seriously don't realise people are watching them...) were we went VV Rouleaux which is the most amazing (and expensive) ribbon shop in Britain, I seriously wanted to marry the shop I was screaming so much at their amazing cupcake tassel pin cushions and thier HUGE multi-tassel tassels! I ended up buying some gorgeous lace/crochet for my project:
Black and copper corchet/lace £1.35 p/m - VV Rouleaux
I then saw this small cabinet downstairs which had an array of little bits and pieces which I gooed over for a little bit. That was until I came across the absolute most adorable brooch ever! It is, yes you guessed it, a hand crocheted cardigan! I actually almost cried when I saw it as it's so tiny and cute! Also the arms are actually functional, so if a tiny person comes along I can clothe them. Perfect! It was pretty steep though at £5.95... However it was the only cream one left, so I had to buy it:
I swear this shop was a vicious cycle, 'cause as I went to pay and I looked underneath the desk and saw a huge crate of what appeared to be felt toadstools, so I sifted through there and got this sweet little red one for £2.95, which now proudly sits on my bureau. I was cotemplating buying two, however I thought having one was a little more special! Plus I would've only wanted another if it was smaller than the red one...

So that was my spending spree in VV, the last place we went to was Liberty's on/round the corner to Oxford Street. Seriously, I shall own a Liberty's shirt when I am older, their fabric is actually beautiful and their shirts are just divine! I also warmed to the fact that the shop assistents were knitting whilst on the till.  I didn't go insane there, however I did buy something which you'll think is ridiculous of me. I bought a Rob Ryan designed card, and the only reason I got one was because I find his work very intricate and personal, so passing up on an oppertunity like so was silly. However the price was fucking ridic! £3.50...
I know, rate adorable! So that was my London adventure, and I cannot wait to create my V&A page in my sketchbook. I spend almost £30, if not over, however I did buy some Christmas presents whilst I was at it, so I feel a bit better about everything. I hope you all had good Fridays.

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