Sunday, 25 November 2012


I am one happy bunny as Olive have finally stocked up on the new Apartamento. I hjave seriously been waiting for about eight or nine months for the new one and finally it has arrived. Although I have not read it yet I have flicked through the pages and boy does it look fab, so I can't wait to settle down one eveing and have a nice read. The contents looks pretty snazz:

Apartamento £12

My boss also recommended me a new magazine by the same company, Comag, called 032c which is a more cultural mag and it looks so wonderful. The pages are glossy and really good quality and the actual zine is so thick. I'm going to have to have another seperate evening or week to read through it which I can't wait for! Have a flick for yourself:
032c £12

So I'm going to have a very culturally enriching fortnight which I am looking forward to. I have also been getting back into the music of Wild Nothing since discovering their new album Nocturne (sorry if spelt incorrectly). So I can't wait to buy the vinyl of that soon, depending if I have any money left soon. This crimbo thing is running me dry!

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