Friday, 27 April 2012


It's a Friday, and I'm a little sad. I leave school in two weeks, and impending doom is facing me on the other side. All the while I feel like kicking and screaming, however society has told me to remain calm. Eventhough I am only a naive sixteen year old, this is the only big thing that's happened to me and I'm frightened. All I want to do right now is be with the ones I love and play a game of cards whilst sipping on a cup of tea. But I can't. It's scary, and I feel like I'll never come out of education. Only now do I realise how much I want to live an adult life. Not worrying about some things and being with the people who I want to be with. It could be the rain talking, no sun can lead to SAD. And I am. Most definately. Sad.

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