Monday, 22 August 2011

Hot stuff


It's that timeof the month, the time when I seem to look at every couple in every book, film, TV programme and feel DEPRESSED! My last relationship ended well...almost a year ago now, and I haven't really fancied anyone since, it's quite sad how I complain about not having someone special and still look at the boys in my school with alot of resilience (if I used that word correctly)!
I just can't waiiit to find my perfect match when I go to college or what'evvss and just stay with them for the rest of my life! Since mama told me that apprently I am the romantic type and seem to find it endearing that I will find the perfect one person for me and not have to go through a ton of boyfriends, which I hope is a good thing! Because alot of blogs I follow have the sweetest position with their loved ones and I really admire how fondly they talk about their boyfriends/girlfriends!
I suppose I do hope to find someone, however I'm in the dark considering I'm only 15 and I just can't wait to be in an adult like relationship, instead of titting about with some asshole thinking he's got it in ;) because we held hands! 

Any way, the depression seeks to get me, and it does seem to start on Mondays. This is also due to the fact that I haven't seen my friends for about 3 weeks now (except for a Wednesday, when I took the day off of coursework and decided to acgtually stop being a hermit and see them, oh how overly emotional I was when they were chatting on my doorstep!) and so not only am I love-lost but just socially thirsty, shall we put it?? Last Monday I had a breakdown 'cause I missed them all so much! This summer holiday has been tricky, but I hope all my work will pay off! 'cause if my art teacher gives me an overall A for EVERYTHING I've done I will be very upset!

One good thing is a couple of songs have pulled me through
this holiday so without futher adieu!

Slowdance - Matthew Dear

I know this isn't the real video, but core'blimey it does the trick, really nicely done there! And the black and white is just peerrfeccct, Brillliantay! Also this song gained my fondness as we were travelling back from London one weekend!

Adversity - Beach Fossils

Beach Fossils are ultimately one of my favourite bands right now! So calm, chilled, really like bangin' tracks they got going on! (I know I've already posted this song on here before! Sorriiiiii)

You and me - Penny and the Quaters

This one just above here is a favourite right now! Just the lovely backing vocals, how (I think it's Penny singing) Penny's voice is so clear and strong but it doesn't overwhelm you! Aaah, I tell ya, hot stuff!


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