Saturday, 27 August 2011


Helloo, just taking a break from art, I've been on it since 10:40 this mornin', I've just been inking some hair for a painting I'm doiing, so it looks totaally rad so far, and she's lookin' pretty pissed off about it, but whatever she's a drawing! I just wanted to post about my absolute favourite female singer, this is just because she's released one of my favourite songs officially now, and it's called Dodecahedron, (I think a dodecahedron is a twelve faced shape, with 30 edges, and each face looks like a pentagon!).  The reason I love her and her music is because it's so enchanting, it's really something different, and I've never really heard anything like it before! I saw Beth Jeans Houghton (And the Hooves Of Desitiny) a year and a half ago at the Wychwood festival, which was when I first heard the song Dodecahedron, and I've spent that time collecting tunness of hers from various internet interviews she's had, and Itunes and places like so!  Now people say that now we're in the 21st century, that nothing is original anymore, I suppose they're right in a way because we all think the same, even buying clothes, it's always hard to buy a one off, and we all want the same things pretty much! However Beth is one of the few people who truely are original! She's just an outstanding performer (very humerous) and just I love every song she pops out, even if it is an annual thing!

I find it silly about how protective I was over her, I guess I just didn't want people to like her so much that they'll start to make her music and everyday thing, but I'll always love her songs so I guess share what you love right?! I hope you all enjoy her music and check her out on Myspace, she has more songs on there!

Lots of love


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