Sunday, 15 May 2011

Your holy water is my tap water

Has it ever occured to you that the 'Holy water' The priest uses upon your forehead or bathes you in is just some tap water from his kitchen sink?
Been doing some remotely horrifyingly booorring RE prep for my GCSE on tuesday (yay) and has been at a paper for a large percentage of the day, I'm not one massive religious hooter, in fact I pray one or twice a year, usually reslting in tears as it did so in Berlin, (embarrassing), and I most definately am no bible basher!  So trying out a 110 minute paper really closed my eyes, 5 sections every section asks you two things you would find or do, your definition of a religious word, why a religious person would do this, what privilages does a religious perosn have, compare two different religions on this statement and here's a statement do you agree.  5 sections of those questions over and over again and I must say that I really ammmmmmmmmm bored, and might play on sims or go on the wii or go skinny dipping or jump off of my ground floor roofy bit (to ensure excitement but no harm), because all those things would be waaay cooler than this RE exam, however after friday I don't have to worry about another test like that for a looooonnnnggg time! So yay!  I am most definately ready for out half term, yeeeheeee!

Peace be with you I hope no harm and please don't go
walking into any roads or following any strange men who supposidly have "skittles"
in their big white van... Unless you know them and
the white van is just a coicidenec.... Still don't actually....

I have so much love for John Lenon and his views, he was an incred maaan!!!
Also I have alot of love for this sooooong

Holy water should be re-named as
'Holy fuck water' would mak the ceremony more interesting...


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