Sunday, 8 May 2011

Scared and Terrified

What a nice day, two blog postsup-lifted onto your screen and now another!

~Been revising, I hate how some people don't need to at a time like mocks
~Rain=happy but also Heavy rain and un-arranged plans= Revision, indoors, antisocial, un-happy
~Maths (non clac) mock, afraid
~History mock, terrified
~Need a haircut

Update for future month:
~Half term, making a trip down to Bath, for deffonate,planned, sorted, happy
~June: Beginning of outfit posts, doing DIY first, well hopefully yes, then nice
~Filling in application form to rake the dosh in
~Good music, need music, comment, Leaving email by tremendious truth, email, don't accept facebook at the mo, who knows, future might change my mind.

Happy Happy
Un-happy Un-happy

(All hand typed impressive no ctrl C's or anything)

Trying to stay away from this wall of ME = BLOGGER, YOU = READER
However I fear I may be just adding bricks to the wall....


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