Saturday, 24 March 2012


As a being living in the twenty first century I find it normal to be succumbed to the monstrosity of atrificial lighting. Allowing it to creep in the very conrners of my room as I sit at my computer screen and soak in its fantastically gaudy rays of light. Visiting a friend's house that it submerged in white sky light settings had made me realise how I never (well hardly) ever see the light of day to it's true capacity, the amazing spaces filled with natural light, absorbing the white off of the walls of his house made me think about the true elegance of sunlight, and how I miss it, because of society handing me light within a glass bulb. I've missed the true beauty of having a home flooded with light. Which is why skylights are on my list of features for my house in the future.


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